Superstar Components Ultra Mag CNC Ti Axle Pedals  2012 Mountain Bike Review

Superstar Components Ultra Mag CNC Ti Axle Pedals 2012

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At A Glance

Normally when you go shopping on the Superstar site, you get a warm fuzzy feeling of getting a bit of a bargain. These pedals however aren’t cheap and cheerful, far from it! They retail at £109.98, which for a flat pedal is a bit extreme. But if I tell you they weigh in at just 260grams for the pair, I might just get your attention. Flat pedals are normally fairly heavy items and add a fair chunk of weight to your bike. Obviously you want them to last and as they are one of the key points of contact they generally aren’t an area where you go weight saving.

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But the bike was in need of cheering up after eating it’s own rear mech and these looked like the perfect way to shave a bit more weight off my winter hack and add some bling. CNC machined from a magnesium alloy the platform size is the same as our favourite pedals the Nano Tech Flats, also from Superstar. 105mm by 100mm with just a 17mm depth. These pedals have been drilled out and are about as minimal as you can get in order to keep the weight down. A titanium axle is held in with fully sealed cartridge bearings, using a virtually maintenance free multi seal approach to ensure they run true for longer. The pins are replaceable, as you would expect.

On the Trail

The grip these pedals offer is just as good as the Nano Techs, which is excellent, even in the really wet gloopy mud of winter we never found ourselves slipping off or losing a pedal. They feel very stiff underfoot and there is no flex whatsoever allowing you to transfer all your power to the drivetrain smoothly. People will always question the durability of these pedals, especially as they are so light. So far they have stood up well, numerous knocks and bashes on rocks have just left cosmetic scars. They are currently on a hard tail too with an 82-kilo rider taking them off drops and jumps, at the moment they are holding firm, but time will only tell for real durability. Expect us to report back in a couple of months or so!

Billed on the website as the new king of pedals, we’d be inclined to agree, 260 grams is half what some flats weigh, and with a range of colours on offer they look pretty good too. Worth the price tag? That depends entirely on your budget and how fickle you are when it to comes to bike trinkets… Guilty as charged then!

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This review was in Issue 15 of IMB.

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By George Woodward

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