Superstar Components CNC Nano Tech Flats  2010 Mountain Bike Review

Superstar Components CNC Nano Tech Flats 2010

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At A Glance

We tested these back in Issue 5, and loved them then, the Nano Techs offer a huge stable platform for riding on and plenty of grip. Just what we were looking for! We opted for the snazzy red colour to match the red on the Scratch; it is all about the pimping after all! They offer excellent value for money and we haven’t heard of any issues with them at all so they should prove reliable for the race.

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At the Mega

Coupled with some decent shoes these pedals really do offer unrivalled grip. The terrain and trails we such that flat pedals really were the only way forward, especially on the snow where you needed to be constantly on and off the bike. Plus the steep switchbacks and loose fire road bends at the top of the qualifier meant a flat pedal inspired confidence. The Nano techs were excellent, they didn’t miss a beat and although they look a little tired now they are still going strong. We smashed them into and over numerous rocks and generally treated them like they shouldn’t be. Each time they didn’t falter, they still spin smoothly and remarkably all the pins are still in the pedals!


Great looking, low profile wide platform pedal. Offers excellent stability for the foot and should prove hassle free in terms of maintenance.

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This review was in Issue 7 of IMB.

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By Rou Chater
Rou Chater is the Publishing Editor of IMB Magazine; he’s a jack-of-all-trades and master of none, but his passion for bikes knows no bounds. His first mountain bike was a Trek 820, which he bought in 1990. It didn’t take him long to earn himself a trip to the hospital on it, and he’s never looked back since. These days he’s keeping it rubber side down, riding locally and overseas as much as possible.

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