Answer Products Rove FR Pedals  2010 Mountain Bike Review

Answer Products Rove FR Pedals 2010

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At a Glance

Weight: 467g

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The Rove FR pedals from Answer feature a steel axel, cartridge bearings and are cast from a 6061 series alloy. They certainly look beefy and strong enough to stand the test of time. The wide platform features a concave deck to allow maximum grip for your foot and 10 hex studs on each side should ensure you don’t slip off.

On the Trail

The Rove’s are a great pedal, the wide stable platform is the perfect companion to a decent pair of shoes and you should find you have unparalleled grip. The bearings feel very plush, the pedals stay in one place when you take your foot off them yet there doesn’t feel like much resistance when you crank them round the pedal stroke. We’ve only used these a few times so time will tell on the durability front.


Solid dependable pedal that certainly looks and feels the part underfoot. Available in Black, Red, Silver or Gold.

RRP £74.99

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This review was in Issue 7 of IMB.

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By Rou Chater
Rou Chater is the Publishing Editor of IMB Magazine; he’s a jack-of-all-trades and master of none, but his passion for bikes knows no bounds. His first mountain bike was a Trek 820, which he bought in 1990. It didn’t take him long to earn himself a trip to the hospital on it, and he’s never looked back since. These days he’s keeping it rubber side down, riding locally and overseas as much as possible.

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