Superstar Components CNC Nano Tech Flats  2010 Mountain Bike Review

Superstar Components CNC Nano Tech Flats 2010

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Weight: 448grams

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At A Glance

Pedals are a really important part of your ride; along with the bars and saddle they make up the three contact points of your bike. A good pedal needs to offer a stable platform, stay in place for those foot-off-foot-on moments and give you plenty of grip. The Nano Tech Flats from Superstar certainly look the part, available in a choice of colours with replaceable grub screws. They feature fully sealed cartridge bearings, which are replaceable and the seals are of a standard that should ensure these need little or no maintenance.

On the Trail

Fitting is easy, you need a hex key rather than a spanner and instead of a handy L or R to define which pedal is which there is a handy circle around one axle. Once you jump on the Nano’s you can feel the wide platform underfoot, it is bigger than most pedals on the market and gives you a solid stable connection to the bike. The grub screws offer excellent grip, although ensure they are all screwed in tightly when you get them out of the box we found a couple of ours to be loose. The bearings feel silky smooth and the pedal was well behaved when you removed your foot, staying exactly where you wanted it to. Weight wise they aren’t the lightest on the market, but a titanium upgrade shaves another 70grams off. The low profile means there is less chance of you clanging them on some rocks, inevitably you will though and to date they have only suffered minor scratches. They have bee on the bike for a month or so now and we love them, so much we might be getting a few more pairs for our other bikes!


Great looking, low profile wide platform pedal. Offers excellent stability for the foot and should prove hassle free in terms of maintenance.

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This review was in Issue 5 of IMB.

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By George Woodward

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