Bluegrass Eagle Super Bobcat Knee-Shin Guards  2012 Mountain Bike Review

Bluegrass Eagle Super Bobcat Knee-Shin Guards 2012

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The Super Bobcat's are essentially an extension of the popular Bobcat kneepads. Fed up of having sore shins at the end of a days riding? Step forward the Super Bobcat. The extra padding sits just above the sock line so will soak up all big hits, even from the sharpest of pedals.
The padding in the Super Bobcat comes courtesy of high-density foam padding which offer plenty of protection whilst remaining super flexible. Smaller pads fill in the gaps between the main knee and shin pads for even more protection.

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Three adjustable straps keep the Super Bobcat's in place and it's worth noting you don't have to 'step into' these pads, you just simply wrap them around your legs, so there's no more hopping about on one foot in wet car parks. Rubber lining along the top and bottom of the pads also keeps them nice and snug. You can get these really tight with relative comfort so they won't go anywhere if you do come off.

Had enough of scars and scrapes on your shins? Time to put on the Super Bobcats!

RRP: £64.99

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This review was in Issue 19 of IMB.

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By George Woodward

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