O’Neal Stealth Shirt  2012 Mountain Bike Review

O’Neal Stealth Shirt 2012

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Well this looks a bit different doesn't it! In fact I was a bit dubious at first, but the moment I tried it on I was a convert. The Stealth features Sas-Tec padding on the spine, elbows and shoulders, with additional bio-form padding on the chest, shoulder blades and ribs. For those who wear a neck brace the front chest pads can be removed for a better fit.

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The Stealth Shirt is incredibly flexible and comfy to wear, with no straps that all too often cause irritation or become restrictive. The stretchy material of the shirt is anti-bacterial and fast wicking but with next to no venting you soon start to feel the heat on hot days. Handily all the Sas-Tec pads can be removed for when the smell gets too much to bear so you can throw it in the washing machine.

As the name suggests the Stealth is easily concealed under a long sleeve jersey and after a few wears you even learn how to take it off with a bit of grace, only a small amount mind you! On a 40” chest with long arms a large proved the perfect fit with the tight nature of the material keeping all the pads where they need to be. At £84.99 the Stealth shirt is a bargain for anyone wanting full body protection.

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This review was in Issue 19 of IMB.

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