Brendan Fairclough

Brendan Fairclough

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4 months ago

Brendog on a dream bike in a dream location on dream trails - Madeira. Dreamy.

4 months ago

For years, Brendan has been deceiving us... Could we see Brendan slip on those dancing shoes and take up the XC reigns? Nah, who are…

7 months ago

Steve Peat, Brendan Fairclough, Olly Wilkins, Sam Reynolds & myself head to wales for a lads-on-tour MTB work trip too Revolutions & Dyfi Bike park!…

8 months ago

From the island of Madeira to the snowy mountains in France, Brendan Fairclough travels the world to bike some of the most beautiful MTB trails…

9 months ago

Needless to say - please don't try this at home! It looks like Brendan Fairclough is continually trying to get more creative with what he…

10 months ago

As Brendan says, We headed out with Olly Wilkins in to the Surrey Hills slop. We chose the ebikes today as it’s just been raining…

10 months ago

Not all build are easy, not all projects are a success. In Episode 4 of “A Dog’s Life,” We follow Brendan Fairclough and crew to…

11 months ago

Who better to give a skills masterclass on jumping than none other Brendan Fairclough! This week we decided to teach my filmer Beney the fundamentals…

12 months ago

It's new bike day over in the Fairclough household! Follow along as Brendan builds up his latest rig and treats it to a shakedown ride…

1 year ago

Brendan Fairclough is currently competing in the multi-day Trans Madeira event where riders are racing on some of the most incredible trails that the world…

1 year ago

Not sure if this is complete madness taking a mini-kicker to the bike park but we like what Brendan is doing in this! Here's what…

1 year ago

4 bikes. A 10 mile radius from home. We asked Brendan Fairclough to set out to film the best edit he could in the illustrious…

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3 years ago
Issue 57

Rampage 2018 will surely go down in history, partly due to Brendan Fairclough's immense run. He doesn't, however, do it alone. We catch up with Olly Wilkins and Ben Deakin to find out what it's like being on a dig crew at Rampag

3 years ago
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Rou Chater takes a look behind the scenes of the Tenth Edition of the Red Bull Rampage, with so many injuries and some unhappy riders maybe it is time for a change?

6 years ago
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After a winter of waiting the World Cup season is finally underway after a brutal first round in France that broke bikes, smashed riders and shattered dreams...

7 years ago
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7 years ago
Issue 23

Editor Rou Chater heads to the Saracen BDS Round 1 in Combe Sydenham to see who has been working hard in the off-season.

9 years ago

Im a professional mountain biker living the dream and trying to stay out of trouble!

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