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Brendan Fairclough

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6 days ago

First day of 🎥 in da books, and she’s been a warm one.. 🔥
#adogslife #monsterenergy #mtb

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1 week ago

Starting an exciting new project this week. Can’t wait to show you a little of what we have been working on. #AdogslifeMTB

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2 weeks ago

Hell of a few days up at @revolutionbp That place has got it going ON! 🔥 Look out for a cool @adidasterrex x @veroniquesandler project coming soon.
📸 @odub_23 #girlscandostufftoo #vline #feminism #thisgirlcan

Brendan Fairclough posted a photo
2 weeks ago

Guess the head angle of the new @bikeonscott #gambler? 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️Winner gets a @lifeproof_europe case. #angleofthedangle #newbike

Brendan Fairclough posted a photo
3 weeks ago

Wow.... that was actually insane, so out of my depth. What an amazing experience. Cheers @joeachilles & @palmersport wicked day. #palmersport #single 🏎

Brendan Fairclough posted a photo
3 weeks ago

Back in the shire on the @bikeonscott #ransom 🤟🏽🍻. Work to be done for #WC2. Huge hanks to @scottdhfactory team for the support last week. Stoked for the next one.

Brendan Fairclough posted a photo
3 weeks ago

And we’re back in the shire. #mtb #ransom #barboy #mtblife

Brendan Fairclough posted a photo
3 weeks ago

What a weird day of racing that was, stoked to be in the main. No more puzzling, we’re going ham today! #livelifeproof #mtb | 📸 AMP Global Media | Oh and how good does that @bikeonscott rig look? ❤️

Brendan Fairclough posted a photo
3 weeks ago

Speedy first day on the hill. Relentless track, 5th gear pinned the whole way. Let’s see what the rain man has install for us tomorrow. Shit could get wild! 🤔🤟🏾 | 📸 @staron_photo | #onit #panshotfriday #mtblife

Im a professional mountain biker living the dream and trying to stay out of trouble!
Twitter: Brendog_1
Instagram: Brendog1
Personal interests
Love motorcycles and any thing that goes fast off road.

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Olly Wilkins selects 20 questions to ask from a list sent in by DMR fans and riders. What would you ask Brendog, and why won't…

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There’s a part of every bike which goes often unnoticed, sometimes abused and rarely celebrated. It’s at the very core of your bike. It deals…

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2 years ago | 6:9

There's not much more you need to know, it's Brendan's DEATHGRIP, it's the 'Best Track Ever', there's Ratboy there as well.  Enjoy!

2 years ago | 1:26

It's here, it's arrived, have you watched it yet? If not, why not? Watch this trailer, feel the hype and get Deathgrip. We're excited, you…

2 years ago | 2:59

The new Deathgrip movie quite obviously took full commitment, how gutted would you be to discover in 5 minutes, that 5 days worth of digging…

2 years ago | 01:00

Ooooft I don't know what to say... If you're not chomping at the bit after watching this teaser, you should maybe think about taking up…

2 years ago | 1:5

Think you're quick? Just watch Brendan Fairclough going mad fast on the WC track in Bikepark Champéry, the guy is like a sea-level-seeking missile and…

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