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Check this out if you missed it! Sophie Riva's bike check on Pinkbike. Ancillotti Team #rideformula

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2 weeks ago

We're so stoked about Greg Williamson 12th place at Fort William Mountain Bike World Cup. Great job, man! UNNO #rideformula #chang3everything

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3 weeks ago

Very cool video right here. Kevin Miquel rides his Selva fork in a breathtaking scenario. MET Helmets.

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3 weeks ago

We're back on Enduro World Series podium. Yeah! Thx to ZÉ Manel Borges and Miranda Racing Team. Enjoy the video and the awesome pics by Kike Abelleira. #rideformula #chang3everything

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4 weeks ago

Wow! Have a closer look to Joe Barnes rig. Watch out, this thing is hot. #rideformula #chang3everything

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Loads of attention for this beauty at BIKE Festival. Check the full story on Pinkbike. Cavalerie Bikes Effigear #rideformula

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1 month ago

La Selva R è una forcella per chi pretende il massimo del controllo sul settaggio. Le potenzialità sono praticamente infinite. Per chi vuole approfondire ecco un bel test dei ragazzi di MTB MAG. #rideformula #chang3everything

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ZÉ Manel Borges on his way to the 2nd place at Enduro World Series in Madeira. Yeah! 🤘 #rideformula - Miranda Racing Team, Enduro World Series - Madeira, pic: Kike Abelleira.

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1 month ago

The Geometron G1 with Selva R fork and Cura 4 brakes was the second fastest bike in the test, even though it was the only one the rider had never ridden before. The time came out from the very first descent ever that the rider did with the bike. In the video, the tester also says that the size was maybe too big for him. Well, with a couple more runs it could have gone even better. Watch the full video by following the link below. MBR Magazine, Geometron Bikes, #rideformula, #chang3everything.

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Have you ever wondered how things look under the lens of a 90X microscope? Any idea about the mysterious object? #magnifier #rideformula #chang3everything

We just help you have more fun riding your mountain bike delivering top-notch suspensions, brakes and wheels.
In 1972, when in Europe, and in a particular way in Italy, motocross and enduro were emerging, in Prato, Tuscany, in the heart of that Italy where the imagination of some of the greatest people in history of motorcycle industry became reality, AIM was born, a firm whose innovations will leave their mark in the world of enduro and moto cross competitions. AIM is an adventure lasting fifteen years, studded with successes and innovations which are still used today in the motorcycle world.Towards the end of the eighties, however, a new discipline emerged globally, ready to open doors in a future that was still unknown, mountain biking. In 1987, Formula was born, devised by the same minds which had made AIM a reference in the motorcycling world, born from the same passion. The goal of this group of men and women is simple and at the same time pioneering, bringing technology of the motor world into the mountain biking one. In other words, Formula was born with the intention of becoming innovation leader.

1993 is a year which determines a rebirth in the world of mountain biking, almost year zero. Formula takes an indisputable leading role in this innovation. With the introduction of the Standard, the first hydraulic disc brake in history was created, studied exclusively for mountain bike use. At that point, the bike world changed for ever.

In the years which followed the introduction of the Standard, our brakes conquered, one by one, all the most prestigious titles in mountain bike competitions. These are the years of the epic models such as Evolution, B4 and ORO.

Thanks to the help of the numerous athletes who we have supported with passion and dedication, over the years we have contributed to the conquest of numerous downhill world titles.

A history created from devotion and love for the racing world, an aspect of our character which we have always had. In a few years’ work, our designers achieved the aim which they had set for themselves, to make Formula brakes the milestone for the world of mountain biking, both from the point of view of performance and of quality construction. We had achieved an important goal, we had revolutionized the way to ride bikes forever.

2012, was for us, a moment to face e great, new challenge. We have always been very much involved in the world of suspensions. Since the times of AIM, our designers have worked closely with some of the greatest producers of suspensions in the world. In 1993, we produced our first shock absorbers for motorbikes. The quantity of knowledge accumulated over the years and the entry of new specialists in the Formula family marked with natural flare the next step, that of shock absorbers for mountain bikes. This marked a return, not a beginning. In the motor trial world, today, our forks are considered the milestone for the discipline. Once again, we adopted a strategy which had already proved its success in the past, bringing our motor biking background into the world of mountain biking. The success obtained from entering the mountain bike suspensions world marked a new horizon for us, which led us to take on the production of a wider range of mountain bike components.

Made in Italy is a brand which we use with pride, and we exemplify it in the deepest sense of the word. Made in Italy means joining the great tradition of Italian engineering. Leonardo Da Vinci, the first engineer in history, was born and raised just a few kilometres from our general headquarters in Prato. This history can be felt in the air, we are children and heirs of that tradition of Italian designers who for centuries have innovated in all technical fields and continue to do so today. We are what we are today because we are aware of the road which has brought us here.We have thought of, devised, and taken on challenges, we have got our hands dirty, we have made mistakes, we have started again and we have achieved results which at one time would have been unthinkable. In this way, we will continue to innovate today, still following an age-old lesson, but still at the same time, avant-garde.

“Wisdom is the true daughter of experience” – Leonardo da Vinci
Company overview
Formula S.a.s. di "Formula Group S.r.l." & C. Via Erbosa, 63 - 59100 Prato (ITALIA)
Tel. +39 0574.603.609 Fax. +39 0574.611.046
PEC: / Cap. Soc. 500.000,00 € i.v.
Reg. Imprese Prato / C.F. / P.I. 02081070977

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Mountain Bike Reviews - Formula Cura Brakes 2017
Mountain Bike Reviews - Formula Cura Brakes 2017
Formula Cura Brakes

The Formula lineup has seen revisions across the range for 2017, wheels, forks and brakes have all either seen new models or improvements made. The latest brake from the Italian brand is the Cura disc brake, building on a solid foundation of engineering prowess and two wheeled heritage. Since their original disc brake from 1993, Formula has consistently been at…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Formula Selva 2017
Mountain Bike Reviews - Formula Selva 2017
Formula Selva

SELVA, Formula's newest addition to their suspension fork range, is aimed at the 'All Mountain' or dare I say it ‘Enduro’ category of mountain biking. The Formula range of suspension forks has rapidly expanded in the last two years. This fork is effectively a boosted version of their existing fork, the 35, with a few added treats! I was lucky…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Formula Thirty Five 160mm 2017
Mountain Bike Reviews - Formula Thirty Five 160mm 2017
Formula Thirty Five

Formula originated from the Motorcross scene in 1972 although better known in those days as ‘AIM’. AIM was profoundly respected for their innovative style which Formula has remained faithful to and kept alive, so suspension technology is nothing new for these guys, in fact, these guys arguably have a heritage as long as brands such as Fox or Ohlins. Described…

4 months ago

Ever dreamed of ditching the rat race and embarking on a once in a lifetime bikepacking trip of awesomely epic proportions? Escape the grind with…

5 months ago | 00:47

A big 2k19 is in the pipes! The launch of Hazzard Racing has been announced and Joe Barnes is back on an Orange bike again,…

6 months ago | 3:28

Busting out some audacious moves on heavenly dirt, this is Phil Atwill dealing with some unfinished business out in Greece after he couldn't shoot all…

6 months ago | 3:21

To innovate, we must necessarily change. If we remain followers in life, if we restrict ourselves to doing only what others have already done, then…

8 months ago

Selva R represents the “state-of-the-art” of custom tuning for MTB forks. The 2Air technology allows a very precise tuning of the air side. Thanks to…

8 months ago | 2:31

Take a look at how Phil Atwill keeps it together on the racetrack. In the world of elite downhill racing, we know that there's virtually…

9 months ago | 3:31

Click here to see some muddy madness! Henry Kerr battled through the slop last weekend for the last round of the UK National Downhill Series.…

9 months ago | 10:57

Take a look back at the carnage from La Bresse! Some seriously wet weather made the final World Cup race somewhat challenging. See how the…

1 year ago

The Cura 4 is the brake that won the Downhill World Championship in 2017 in the élite men's category, while still at the prototype stage. From that…

1 year ago

Neopos is a technology that represents the next evolutionary step in air suspension, a cutting-edge innovation that will change your riding experience for the better.…

1 year ago | 05:57

Sat in the pub, pint in hand, gradually defrosting by the open fire after an excitingly wet, slip and slide on the local tracks and…

1 year ago | 1:56

Bikepacking doesn't just have to mean loading up a touring bike and hitting a tame trail. Giorgio Frattale and Francesco D’Alessio return to tackle a…

Issue 50

2018 bikes are coming through thick and fast, with a trail bike from Merida, a big travel monster from Saracen and a wild pink hardtail from Pipedream. The sophisticated Pivot Mach 5.5 gets a going over and our e-bike this month is from Lapierre. Also, we take a look at Formula's Selva forks and see if they can perform on the trail.

2 years ago
Issue 49

We head to Italy to catch up with Formula and talk about the origins of their original disc brake in 1993, and how far the brand has come since then. With a range of top end products full of Italian design and race results to back it all up, Formula are still at the top of the game.

2 years ago
Issue 49

We've got it all covered this month, with the XC whippet the Big Nine from Merida and the new Root Miller 29er from Rose. We get to know Canyon's do-it-all trail bike, the Neuron and for those that like things electric, the Cube Stereo 140 Hybrid. Formula also keep us in check with their brand new Cura Brakes.

2 years ago
Issue 46

2017 is looking to be a stellar year for new bikes for all budgets and technologies. Here we have a budget bouncer from Marin, Merida's top end e-bike, the latest Nukeproof Mega, and a keep-it-real hardtail from Commencal. We’ve also got the excellent Formula 35’s on test too!

2 years ago

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