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Mountain Bike Reviews - Hutchinson Bicycle Tires Griffus 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - Hutchinson Bicycle Tires Griffus 2019
Hutchinson Bicycle Tires Griffus

There was a time that most bikes on the trails would be shod in one of two or three brands of rubber, but we're well past that now with a plethora of brands and models to choose from. Hutchinson has aimed to produce a tyre for every type of hardpack and dry conditions imaginable. As they would say 'Dust, rocks,…

4 months ago

Welcome to our last chapter! Tito Tomasi shares his road-trip from Canada to California trough Montana Wyoming and Colorado, and the desert states Utah Arizona…

6 months ago

After reaching 130km/h on ski slope just a few days ago, Antoni Villoni is back with a completely different kind of edit.¬† This time, it…

9 months ago

It might not be everyone's cup of tea but living in a van, sleeping under a tarp and riding some of the world's best trails…

1 year ago

Hutchinson have launched their new enduro / gravity-orientated tyre - the Griffus, designed primarily for use on dry, rocky trails. Available in both 27.5 and…

1 year ago

What do you do when your local biking trails are under 2 meters of snow? Simples, just catch a flight to the dusty, slick¬† lines…

2 years ago

What happens when you combine racing drones, crazy filming concepts, and a balls-out mountain biker who knows how to rip? Watch this edit and check…

2 years ago

The bike park season is in full swing! Videos and photos of dusty berm explosions, scrubs and flips flood our screens. Take one excitable pro…

2 years ago

Outrageous and bonkers mountain biking exploits from the man on a mission, Kilian Bron, taking it to the top with a trail unlike any other.…

3 years ago

The Commencal Vallnord Enduro Team is happy to welcome Theotim Trabac as their new rider! The young French rider showed his potential by winning in…

3 years ago

Say whaaaaa? Kilian Bron just broke our heads and possibly his back with this totally wicked edit, para-mountain-biking his way down a hillside with a…

3 years ago

Sometimes mountain biking just plain old doesn't like you. Presenting exhibit a) a compilation of MTB fails and crashes from around the world, it is…

3 years ago

Four months, nine countries, two continents and it all comes down to this: The last stop of the World Cup season in Val di Sole,…

Issue 43

Ewen Turner jumps head first into the Enduro World Series to see if he can survive world class riding at the highest level and finds out how it feels to race as an amateur on the world stage.

4 years ago
Issue 41

As the explosion of dust settles after the first two rounds of the 2016 Enduro World Series in South America, we take a look at the women's competition, meet some of the racers, and find out what has changed since we left them in Finale last season.

4 years ago
Issue 39

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

5 years ago
4 years ago
5 years ago
8 years ago

Worldwide leader in bicycle tire technology and quality for road, mtb, urban and touring applications. 01/30/1853 Founded in 1853 by an American Hiram Hutchinson in Montargis France. Hutchinson was one of the first French companies to product bicycle and bicycle racing tires in the world. To this day, Hutchinson leads the cycling market in innovation and quality for its cycling tires. 1853 Accessories

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