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Mountain Bike Reviews - Ibis Cycles Mojo SL-R  2013
Mountain Bike Reviews - Ibis Cycles Mojo SL-R  2013
Ibis Cycles Mojo SL-R

Having ridden and enjoyed the HD version of the Mojo a while back I was a little concerned that this lighter weight version of the Mojo might be something of a let down in terms of stiffness and thrash ability. The SL-R soon had me swooning over its good looks and light weight though and it was with a happy…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Ibis Cycles Mojo HD 160  2012
Mountain Bike Reviews - Ibis Cycles Mojo HD 160  2012
Ibis Cycles Mojo HD 160

It is fair to say that I experienced a fair amount of excitement at the prospect of getting my hands on the Mojo HD 160. The raw carbon frame has an organic quality to it that promises strength and poise, add to that the fact that it is achingly beautiful and you have a very desirable package indeed. Ibis have…

2 weeks ago

  Jeff: Ya’ll have seen plenty videos of me riding fast and doing some fun stuff on the bike. This is not one of those…

3 months ago

  Do you ride your mountain bike in the rain? Perhaps the question should be, don't you ride in the rain? While it’s a way…

3 months ago

The nicest guy in mountain biking rides the nicest trail in the south as Jeff Kendall-Weed attacks Geronimo down in Arizona, USA. Big thanks to…

3 months ago

  Half Nelson trail in Squamish, BC, is a mountain biker’s dream come true and for me, it’s an ideal trail to ride with my…

4 months ago

Ibis have updated their classic Mojo HD model with this, the new HD5. Longer, lower, slacker, I know we've heard it all before but the…

4 months ago

Evan Geankoplis is the fastest upcoming American Enduro racer you've never heard of. His day job has him turning wrenches and selling bikes at his…

5 months ago

Ripmo AF. That's 'Ripmo Aluminium Frame' to you and me. Ibis have today announced a new, aluminium version of their popular Ripmo model to their…

8 months ago

This action-packed series explores the stories of groups that advocate for mountain biking through excellent trails. Every now and then, unique opportunities to visit special,…

8 months ago

Ibis have just announced the new S-Wheels and rims in conjunction with Stan's NoTubes. At first glance they look to be a solid, competitive wheelset,…

9 months ago

New suspension fork designs have been creeping in on the scene of late and Jeff's been riding this fork for three months now. He has…

9 months ago

The Ibis Ripley is a highly adaptable creature known to thrive in any location. We’ve traveled to the high desert plains of Utah to see…

10 months ago

I fell off a bridge and got lost in the dark - just a typical ride for Jeff Kendall-Weed by the sounds of things! Perfect…

Issue 62

Bored with the same old trail? Take some advice from Ben Gerrish and explore the less travelled lines on your local loop. Get creative and go play on your bike while sharpening your skills and seeing what is possible with a little imagination.

1 month ago
Issue 61

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

3 months ago
Issue 57

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

11 months ago
Issue 55

The Tweed Valley has come of age. No longer just a trail centre, the valley offers such a vast amount of riding it is hard to ignore and is drawing visitors from around the globe. From downhill to XC and everything in between, is this the finest British mountain bike destination?

1 year ago
Issue 42

For a small patch of Scotland, the Tweed Valley produces more than it's fair share of riding talent. We head up for the annual Tweelove festival and check out the riding, racing and community, which make the area so special.

4 years ago
Issue 30

Jarno Hoogland heads to Liguria to discover more there than just the beaten path!

6 years ago
Issue 26

One of the most successful mountain bikers in the history stops by for a chat, Anne talks about her love of Enduro and some of her greatest achievements in the sport!

6 years ago
Issue 23

3 All-Mountian rigs on test and a load of packs to keep all your food and tools in on a long ride.

7 years ago
Issue 19

We've got two 160mm travel bikes and plenty of body armour to keep you out of harms way on the trails.

7 years ago

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