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Mountain Bike Reviews - Ibis Cycles Ripmo AF XL 2022
Mountain Bike Reviews - Ibis Cycles Ripmo AF XL 2022
Ibis Cycles Ripmo AF

The IBIS Ripmo AF is the alloy version of the classic carbon Ripmo, Ibis’ 150mm travel enduro machine. It features a 64.9 degree head angle, DW Link suspension design and can be run with either a coil or air shock. The bike is built to take a 160mm travel fork, 29’’ wheels and can take up to 2.6’’ wide tires.…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Ibis Cycles Mojo SL-R  2013
Mountain Bike Reviews - Ibis Cycles Mojo SL-R  2013
Ibis Cycles Mojo SL-R

Having ridden and enjoyed the HD version of the Mojo a while back I was a little concerned that this lighter weight version of the Mojo might be something of a let down in terms of stiffness and thrash ability. The SL-R soon had me swooning over its good looks and light weight though and it was with a happy…

Mountain Bike Reviews - Ibis Cycles Mojo HD 160  2012
Mountain Bike Reviews - Ibis Cycles Mojo HD 160  2012
Ibis Cycles Mojo HD 160

It is fair to say that I experienced a fair amount of excitement at the prospect of getting my hands on the Mojo HD 160. The raw carbon frame has an organic quality to it that promises strength and poise, add to that the fact that it is achingly beautiful and you have a very desirable package indeed. Ibis have…

4 months ago

Really fun watch! Jeff Kendall-Weed takes us along while sending it deeply into the Last Frontier. Rides like these are what make Alaska just so…

9 months ago

Mexico has been having a booming MTB scene the past few years. Check out this video where you'll meet some the founding members of the…

10 months ago

Industry Nine makes wheels with all kinds of different rim widths, and I’m lucky enough to have two different width wheelsets for my mullet bike.…

11 months ago

Pat Smage grew up riding on his grandparent’s farm. In between tractors and corn rows, he built the berms and trails that would help him…

11 months ago

Are clipless pedals cheating?! Pedal choice is a surprisingly personal thing to the point that it's even more controversial than the fact that e-bikes are…

1 year ago

To celebrate their 40th Anniversary and the launch of the first bike made in their new Santa Cruz, CA factory, Ibis is shipping the first…

2 years ago

Jeff Kendall-Weed meets up with legendary rider Kirt Voreis as they set out to find some unique, creative lines, push each other and plainly just…

2 years ago

Missoula, Montana is quickly becoming more and more friendly to mountain biking, and that’s in no small part thanks to the work of MTB Missoula,…

2 years ago

BKXC heads out over to Grafton Mesa over in Utah where in his words, A trail so nice we HAD to ride it twice. Grafton…

2 years ago

Want a short-travel but still fun and playful bike, better still without breaking the bank too? Then look no further than the latest model to…

2 years ago

Follow Mo and Hannah as they head to Salt Lake City to ride what they believe is the best trail there - American Fork Canyon.…

2 years ago

Jeff Kendall-Weed takes us on what could be his favourite trail to ride on a mountain bike: Mountain biking has always been about long pedals…

Issue 70

We took the Stanton Switch9er FS Ti for a spin, as well as the Ibis Ripmo AF and we let you know what we think of the WTB wheelset, Melon Optics glasses, PNW hip pack, Peaty’s Dry Lube, Dainese knee pads and High5 Gel.

5 months ago
Issue 62

Bored with the same old trail? Take some advice from Ben Gerrish and explore the less travelled lines on your local loop. Get creative and go play on your bike while sharpening your skills and seeing what is possible with a little imagination.

3 years ago
Issue 61

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

3 years ago
Issue 57

More images with no particular place to call home this issue!

4 years ago
Issue 55

The Tweed Valley has come of age. No longer just a trail centre, the valley offers such a vast amount of riding it is hard to ignore and is drawing visitors from around the globe. From downhill to XC and everything in between, is this the finest British mountain bike destination?

4 years ago
Issue 42

For a small patch of Scotland, the Tweed Valley produces more than it's fair share of riding talent. We head up for the annual Tweelove festival and check out the riding, racing and community, which make the area so special.

6 years ago
Issue 30

Jarno Hoogland heads to Liguria to discover more there than just the beaten path!

8 years ago
Issue 26

One of the most successful mountain bikers in the history stops by for a chat, Anne talks about her love of Enduro and some of her greatest achievements in the sport!

9 years ago
Issue 23

3 All-Mountian rigs on test and a load of packs to keep all your food and tools in on a long ride.

9 years ago
Issue 19

We've got two 160mm travel bikes and plenty of body armour to keep you out of harms way on the trails.

10 years ago

This is the official, real, authorized, not fake fan page for Ibis Cycles of Santa Cruz California.

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