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Mountain Bike Reviews - Motion Ride E-18 Linkage Forks 2019
Mountain Bike Reviews - Motion Ride E-18 Linkage Forks 2019
Motion Ride E-18 Linkage Forks

Motion is a French company that has a slightly different approach to making suspension for mountain bikes. They decided that the standard telescopic fork, that we all know and love, isn't quite good enough. As a result they have developed the E18 Linkage fork. Now, the E18 fork is certainly striking, with multiple pivots and an entirely different set of…

1 year ago

We tested out the Motion fork earlier this year here and now you can see just what it can do as Pierre Real (he's no…

2 years ago

Upgrade Bikes LTD has been appointed as the UK’s exclusive distributor of MOTION suspension products. MOTION is a French company, founded by Mathieu Alfano. The…

2 years ago

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and suspension fork design just got a whole load more interesting... if not better looking! The beginning…

Issue 59

From fast XC to super long enduro, we have a big range this month. Bikes from Pole, Cube, Ragley and Marin are tested along with Motion's crazy linkage fork, and kit from Leatt, Julbo, X-Fusion and Marzocchi.

2 years ago

Marque premium spécialiste de la suspension VTT - Innovation, performances et fiabilité.

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