Superb cinematography, amazing Welsh scenery, and an insight into the creative, inquisitive and determined building mind of Dan Atherton (not to mention some slick riding from Gee and Rachel too)! This movie from Redbull gives a glimpse of the sibling bonds, friendship and respect that keeps the Atherton’s challenging each other, and themselves, whilst Dan works on his latest project to create the garnliest, most technical DH track in his new back yard. Grab a beer and enjoy!

The story of the creative genius of Dan Atherton and his ambition and drive to build trails that push mountain biking to a new level.

Dan Atherton is driven to dig, he’s been pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on a bike – all through creating technical tracks to ride. Find out more about the eldest of the Atherton trio and how he’s helped push their riding to the highest level.

Fri 5th Dec, 2014 @ 4:45 pm

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