Hot hot hot! The new Pivot Firebird is looking better than Katy Perry standing next to a shark at the Super Bowl (if that’s your thing) Check it out right here…

The Firebird is the no-compromise, Holy Grail of long travel mountain bikes – both an enduro bike that devours park runs and a technical climber that relishes huge lines and blazing descents.

Building on its reputation as the bike for all-day missions on black diamond terrain, the Firebird features Phoenix DH-inspired long reach measurements combined with a 65-degree head angle to deliver unmatched stability and handling. When combined with super-short, 16.95”chainstays, the Firebird’s resulting long front-center keeps the front wheel in contact with the trail on the ups and gives it a balanced, capable technical climbing ability over rough terrain. When descending, this geometry puts the rider “in” the bike, for increased stability at high speeds and on steep technical challenges while the short chainstay measurements make for a bike that goes exactly where you put it.

Fri 19th Aug, 2016 @ 12:30 am

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