So many flairs it’s like we’re back in the 70s! No bell bottoms here though as Sam Pilgrim and James Jones push each other to the limit in the ultimate ‘Flair Off’ between big and little wheels. What these guys are capable of is unreal, flipping and flairing off the tiniest of take-offs in a bid to be crowned champion.

‘Whist filming for episode 4 of the bangers tour series i got a lot of extra footage we didn’t get to use. This flair challenge was too good not to share with you guys though. The BMX’er is james jones a welsh bmx rider who is absolutely insane, so i met up with him at ramp world skatepark in cardiff and we decided to do this challenge!!’

Shot on @gopro


Mon 5th Dec, 2016 @ 3:30 pm

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