A mesmerising mix of trail slaying, big stacks, swearing and poetry! This is not the usual mountain bike video, but then the 50:01 boys aren’t your normal carton of eggs. Definitely worth a watch though, if only for the crazy levels of loam carving and mad crashes.

“Some of the local eggz getting as emotional as possible.”

Om Nashi me. Meaningless meanings with infinite depth that can be felt surfing on the surface of this superficial material world we have built, buildings made of madness, cities growing from despair, we need love, we need care, caring for us is all of us caring, letting ourselves be who we are. Brains scrambled eggs before I plate them now there in my belly I did not create them I ate them. Om Nashi me.”

Mon 10th Jul, 2017 @ 9:30 pm

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