Every season must come to an end, but the last race must be something spectacular. Well, nothing better than Cairns (Australia) to run the show.

Riding through the amazing environment of the rainforest and watch the coral reef from the start house is not an every-day scenario, especially if the average World Cup weekend has always rainy mountains in the background. Needless to say, the excitement for this 2017 World Champs was huge.

The Specialized Gravity team put down a hell of a show for the weekend. Miranda Miller (Canada) has managed to win the gold medal with an outstanding run, 1,985 seconds ahead of Tracey Hannah. This is the first World Champ title for Miranda, a very well deserved achievement that comes after years of hard work.

Cairns was definitely the main race of the season for Loïc Bruni, with an impressive run he managed to take home the gold medal and his second World Champs title in the élite category. The race was very tight, only 0.339 seconds between Loïc and Mick Hannah’s silver medal. This was enough to put Loïc back to the top of the world of downhill.

Sat 21st Oct, 2017 @ 9:30 pm

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