Danny MacAskill watch your back, if there’s many more days of jumps ruined by the snow these guys are going to be hot on your tail?!  Wet jumps and tomfoolery, from Pilgrim and crew down at Matt Jones’ compound.

I went to matt jones’ spot and it turned into insanity in the compound. After hitting the big dirt jumps we ended up doing some trials challenges that were so ridiculous and dangerous!

Matt jones has a really sick set up that is pretty perfect for training but after all the snow that had fallen they weren’t running as good as they used to.

I put on a GoPro an did some tricks after we sorted the jumps but the stoke didn’t last due to the suckish conditions, so it was time for some ghetto challenges!

Hope you guys enjoyed the video!

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Wed 14th Mar, 2018 @ 9:30 am

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