Is the 1440 the biggest, coolest and hardest trick in Mountain Biking?

Slopestyle mountain biking has pushed the creativity and technicality of freestyle tricks to new heights since the first competition nearly 2 decades ago. Join some of the riders at the forefront of the sport’s progression, as they walk you through the evolution of the biggest trick in mountain biking. Amidst the technical combos and innovative variations, rotational tricks in particular have raced through the evolutionary stages from the classic 360 all the way up to the world-leading 1440. Matt Jones catches up with Emil Johansson, Dawid Godziek and Nicholi Rogatkin in Whistler Bike Park at Red Bull Joyride, as they talk through their experiences and tips for reaching the top.

Fri 20th Sep, 2019 @ 9:30 am

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