“The sickest abandoned mansion filled with huge MTB jumps and drops. This property in the Spanish hills is a mountain bikers dream, what would you ride first?

This sick abandoned mansion is sat in the hills above Malaga, Spain and is famous amongst the locals for its rave parties but it’s also famous within the riding scene as a place to build jumps. This property was the also used for the ‘NOT TO BAD’ mountain bike movie from a few years ago and has only recently had a lot of the jumps re-built. On arrival we were faced with a huge dirt quarter pipe and a short slopestyle line winding through the garden. From here we found drops, trials lines and even and indoor skatepark. The final cherry on top was a big drop out of a second floor window into a huge double jump. This place really is what dreams are made of but sadly isn’t in my hometown here in England. I decided to ride my enduro mtb Haibike to keep it fun and I filmed on the GoPro Hero 8!”

Wed 4th Dec, 2019 @ 9:30 am

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