Sam Pilgrim says,

“Riding the sickest MTB trail and huge jump lines here in France! Day 1 of our road trip in France we hit huge bike park jump trails before riding one of the best MTB trails I’ve ever ridden! Would you send?

Me and Tom Isted have started a European road trip and decided to start things off in the south of France close to Marseille. We start off day 1 by riding Yannick Granieri’s local bike park which has a variety of different jump lines with wooden features, berms and gaps. This place was so fun so we made the most of it by getting in loads of runs and filming some rad GoPro follow runs! After running out of excitement we headed back to Yannick’s to meet some more riders before heading up in to the mountains with out electric mountain bikes to ride one of the best MTB trails I have ever ridden. The track started way up top of a small mountain and winds its way down with huge jumps and gaps littered all over the place! We were all riding out e – enduro mountain bikes and I was on the Haibike allmtn!”

Sun 15th Mar, 2020 @ 9:30 pm

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