Huge jumps and full speed MTB trails! Sam Pilgrim rides the Bull Track Bike park and has the best time shredding the jumps and sending big tricks on his mountain bike!

“I check out the Bull track bike park for the first time and what a sick place this is! A huge selection of trails, jumps and berms this place really is there dream mountain biking spot.

Even if you are a beginner this place has everything from small jumps to learn on, right up to pro jumps that give you huge air and way enough time to pull off some big tricks.

I arrived with Lewi Pilgrim but ended up meeting Tom Cardy and Darren for a full day of shredding. We ended up having so much fun on the long runs that I didn’t even ride all the features available in the park, so I’m very excited to get back out there and send some more trails. We were all riding our Haibike electric bikes and this was actually perfect for smashing out as many laps as possible in the summer sun.

My favourite feature of the day was the huge trick jump where I was able to land some tricks I haven’t done for ages which felt amazing. It was also super cool to chase Lewi down the trails shot with GoPro for the ultimate POV angle!” – Sam Pilgrim

Tue 23rd Jun, 2020 @ 12:30 pm

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