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GO3 Camera by Insta360

The free bike challenge is back with Part 22 and the Ultimate MTB freeride machine! Sam Pilgrim pushes the limits of this free full suspension bike down steep MTB trails, over big dirt jumps and urban freeride zones! How long will it last?

“The free bike challenge is my favourite series to film because it always opens up my eyes to what is possible even on the cheapest and most un-extreme of bikes. In this video, I was lucky enough to be given a bike by my girlfriend’s brother, this was his old bike from about 10 years ago, and somehow it only needed the tyres to be pumped up and a little bit of oil and it was ready for a shred!

This bike weighs so much but the weight kind of indicates a stronger build so I was hoping for a successful video. After blasting down the steep MTB trails in the Surrey Hills, I then tried to push too hard and hit some big dirt jumps but after pulling off a trick I ended up coming up short and bending the forks. After finding some new forks for sale online I went and picked them up for £15 and got the show back on the road. From here, I took the bike into the streets and hit some sick Urban MTB Freeride spots to fully test the durability of this new free bike. After a long day of trying to find new forks the sun eventually dropped so it was on day 2! For the second day of sending it, it was time to push the bike to the breaking point so I decided to hit up a local skatepark and throw down some bigger tricks than I thought possible on such a bike! If you wanna see this bike again let me know in the comments :)” – Sam Pilgrim

Sun 12th Jul, 2020 @ 12:30 pm

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