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GO3 Camera by Insta360

As Brendan says,

“We headed out with Olly Wilkins in to the Surrey Hills slop. We chose the ebikes today as it’s just been raining non stop in the UK.

What was supposed to be a casual cruise around the woods quickly turned in to a mega send fest and got out of control with in 5 minutes of leaving the van. Olly sent an old drop he found years ago again. That didn’t go as planned at all. He landed clean but must have had his foot on the pedal slightly wrong and on landing broke his ankle. Sucks. Head over to his channel to find out more about that. Get well soon bud.

In the mean time myself and Beney got to work on Beney’s mountain biking jumping skills. How to jump 101, but this time he took it to the big jumps. Haha. From camera to mtb, he’s been killing it this year.

After that I ticked off something Iv been wanting to do for a while. My first ever ebike backflip. I have been told it’s super easy and that is was. Nearly over rotated the thing as I pulled too hard on the lip as didn’t think an ebike would flip so easily. Stoked. All in all another amazing day mountain biking. Huge bummer for olly though. Hope he’s back biking with us real soon!”

Sun 27th Dec, 2020 @ 3:30 am

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