5 years on from when RAAW first released their ‘Madonna’ frameset, we now have the introduction of version 2.2. With some small changes here and there to the frame with revised tubing, new axle system and a new partnership with Öhlins suspension, the key geometry and suspension design remains unchanged. As the age-old saying goes, “If ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Full details of what’s new below:

The Madonna is the bike that started our journey five years ago. It’s made for the fastest and roughest tracks, while also being a great climber. The Madonna puts a high focus on durability and usability and really shines with a very composed and balanced character out on the trails.

Main Frame Design

The updated Madonna V2.2 finds most of its changes in a refinement of the main frame. A new seat tube, made from a single hydroformed tube, is designed to create a large intersection to the main pivot and rocker pivot with a reduced, but carefully defined, amount of welds. The one-piece design of the seat tube adds strength and distributes stress evenly, allowing for a reduced wall thickness to also save weight.

While primarily being part of the backbone of the frame, the seat tube is also responsible for a number of inter-faces to pivots, tubes and components. As such, the bottom bracket, shock mount and rocker pivot have been redesigned together with a new rocker link. The new bottom bracket design integrates the interface for the lower shock mount and allows for more shock clearance on sizes small and medium. On the large and extra-large sizes, the redesign allowed us to tuck the down tube further in, improving ground clearance while still keeping plenty of space for all kinds of shocks.

The lower shock mount now consists of two separate parts attached to the CNC-machined interface on the bottom bracket to guarantee a very defined flow of stress from the shock into the frame. The new design also improves the tolerances and fit of the shock hardware and takes some of the complexity out of the mainframe, just like our brake mount does for the seatstays.

The rocker link has been reworked with cleaner surfaces throughout and, along with the new rocker pivot design, moves the bearings from the main frame into the rocker link. The new rocker pivot design also reduces some of the complexity from the main frame, improves force flow from the rocker link into the seat tube and reduces the potential for noises that can occur after long periods of use.

Axle System

The new rear wheel axle system is designed to create a rigid connection between the two dropouts. The axle’s shape locks the left and right seatstays into place, resisting rotation and bending. This adds stiffness to the system, stops the axle from undoing while riding and reduces the number of individual parts to keep the system silent.

The axle comes standard with a nut that uses a 6 mm Allen key as well as a 15 mm socket. A slimmer and lighter version with just the 15 mm socket interface is also available. The new axle system can also be retrofitted to the Madonna V2 and Jibb. Drop out inserts are also available for X12 axles from other manufacturers, should you prefer a different axle.

Five Year Warranty

Our warranty period is now extended to five years and also applies for all frames ever sold. Being a young company, we have always preferred to take one step after the other, learning to walk before we can run and only making promises we can keep, no matter if it’s about our products or support. To emphasize what we stand for, we now offer a five-year warranty for the first and second owners and also continue our five year crash replacement program for when things don’t go your way. And yes, the new warranty policy also covers all RAAW frames sold since 2017.

Fox & Öhlins

Some very exciting news that comes along with the launch of the Madonna V2.2 is the addition of Öhlins next to Fox for both air and coil shock options with our frame kits. The TTX22M coil shock provides unreal traction with solid support throughout the travel while the TTX2Air has proven to be an amazing allrounder with great adjustability.

Availability & Pricing

The challenging situation regarding lead times and worldwide logistics has made us decide to put our focus on the availability of frame-kits and put full bikes on hold for now. The first batch of Madonna V2.2 frames is ready for shipment from Taiwan to Germany and is expected to arrive at RAAW HQ at the beginning of August. But for those of you wanting to ride sooner and willing to spend a little extra, we offer the option of express delivery. The price markup for the express delivery is 125 € incl. VAT and uses air freight to reduce the shipping time to Germany down to two weeks. The express delivery comes on top of the regular shipping and is available until Sunday June 20th 23:59 CET.

The Madonna V2.2 frame-kit now comes standard with the new through axle, seat clamp and protective film starting at 2,390 € incl. VAT (2,008 € outside the EU). Shock options from Fox and Öhlins are available as well as Acros headsets.

Madonna V2.2 Frame-kits can be ordered now from raawmtb.com.

Thu 17th Jun, 2021 @ 6:30 pm

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