At times, slowing down is more challenging than going fast… The balance between these opposites can be crucial in both mountain biking and general life.

Basically, Tobias is one thing and that is ON THE GO. For 15 years he has been living his dream on his mountain bike and traveling the world. In the past with the aim of racing success, today in search of unique travel stories. It takes him to the most stunning places in the world and where no mountain biker has ever been.

Tobi particularly wants to inspire with his stories, be it through his own books or live lectures. He wants to encourage people to leave their comfort zone and venture into the unknown. To discover the world and learn to appreciate it. So, #whostopsyou ?!

About the #whostopsyou video series:
Everyone has its own motivation and goal, getting there is never straight or easy. No matter if pro athlete, weekend warrior or commuter. Everyone has its own story. In a new video series MAGURA is telling five unique stories – from a Downhill Worldchamp, to Cross-Country athletes and even a cook. What drives them to define their new life?
The series starts with Episode #1 about Anne Tauber and her story from speed skating to world-class mountain biking.

All Episodes:
#1 – Anne Tauber (
#2 – Andi Schweiger (
#3 – Danny MacAskill (
#4 – Tobias Woggon

Coming soon:
#5 – Loic Bruni

Wed 13th Oct, 2021 @ 9:30 pm

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