Bring the outdoor world indoors with the Tacx NEO Bike Plus from Garmin

All-in-one indoor smart bike offers one of the most accurate, realistic and quiet indoor riding experiences – plus a fully adjustable fit – to make every ride epic

Garmin  announced the Tacx NEO Bike Plus, a simple-to-use indoor smart bike that is ready to ride with realistic road feel, simulated gradients and enhanced virtual shifting. From the comfort of home, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus offers a quiet ride and accurate power, speed and cadence metrics – even in sprints. Fully adjustable, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus can quickly be customised to match the fit of an outdoor bike and is designed to be used by multiple athletes in the household. Plus, when paired with the Tacx Training app on a compatible smart device, athletes can follow structured workouts, participate in pro rides and ride the immersive Tacx films from some of the most beautiful courses around the world.

“We are thrilled to bring innovative updates to the Tacx NEO Bike Plus to make it one of the most adaptable and engaging smart bikes available,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. “With accurate performance metrics, a customisable design and access to hundreds of training films from around the world with the Tacx Training app, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus is here to help you ride epic routes, climb those grueling ascents and get your miles in year-round – all from your own home.”


Featuring advanced training and performance metrics, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus is designed to make any indoor ride feel as realistic as possible.

– Mimic the feel of jumping into a different gear with the tap of a finger thanks to redesigned programmable shifters for Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo.
– Feel different surfaces, like cobblestones and gravel, when paired with the Tacx Training app or compatible 3rd party apps.
– Dynamic inertia helps maintain a sensation of forward motion based on speed and gradient.
– Accurately imitate a downhill drive with descent simulation when connected to an external power source.
– Measure the position of the left and right legs to better analyse pedaling technique and develop a more effective pedal stroke.


Providing accurate power measurement within 1% – plus reliable, consistent measurements for speed and cadence – the Tacx NEO Bike Plus gives cyclists a clear picture of their performance. Featuring a well-balanced design that ensures maximum stability, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus is one of the most silent indoor bikes available and is ready for any sprint, up to 2,200 watts. What’s more, cyclists can train for outdoor climbs, or build the intensity of an indoor workout, by training on realistically simulated inclines up to a 25% gradient.

Fully adjustable, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus is made to accommodate multiple athletes in a house. Five different crank lengths offer a precise, customised fit and the slim seatpost and handlebar stem can be adjusted up to the millimeter, making it easy to match settings to that of a rider’s outdoor bike. Plus, built-in interactive fans are automatically controlled by a rider’s power or heart rate.


Featuring a 4.5-inch integrated display and two USB chargers, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus allows riders to enjoy the Tacx Training app and other popular training platforms on their smartphone, tablet or laptop and can even track their performance on their Garmin Edge cycling computer. With a premium subscription to the Tacx Training app, riders can better immerse themselves in their indoor training experience with more than 250 high-quality, real-life videos from around the world and can even join “Ride with the Pros” challenges with exclusive Garmin sponsored team videos. Cyclists can also follow structured workouts, race live opponents, upload GPS data, ride with 3D maps and more. Plus, following a ride, all the data a cyclist relies on most is in the Garmin Connect app – making it easy to view ride stats and maps or analyse their progress from anywhere.

Available soon in select locations, the Tacx NEO Bike Plus has a suggested retail price of £3499.99. To learn more about the Tacx NEO Bike Plus, visit

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Tue 22nd Nov, 2022 @ 12:30 am

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