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Giro Feather 2014

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Giro 87,440

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Weight: 296Grams

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A stylish enduro helmet meets the female touch with the Feather from Giro! Based on the men’s Feature Helmet the Feather utilises the same In-Mold polycarbonate shell to offer a lighter and safer construction. It’s a low-profile design with the In Form fit system as standard. Available in two sizes, S for 51-55cm heads and M for 55-59cm, there is a simple roller dial at the back to adjust the fit. With three colour options that are not overtly pink or covered in rainbows it’s a stylish and subtle female offering. The moto-style visor is adjustable which is a nice touch, and the interior padding is removable for easy cleaning.

On The Trail

With 12 fairly large vents and internally channelling directly airflow through the helmet, and heat to be expelled out of it, we never found ourselves getting hot and mithered even on long, slow and taxing climbs. Once you’re moving with some speed the air really breezes through to cool you down even further. The helmet almost sits ‘off’ your head, which really helps with the airflow factor too.

The helmet feels ridiculously lightweight on your head, with even the straps holding it on being made from a feather-light webbing (so light they were occasionally a bit of a fiddle to adjust, but you get used to it). The lightness of the helmet defies the robustness, but the extra coverage and solid construction put your mind at ease that it is providing your bonce with good protection.

It’s a very comfortable all-round helmet, and with a good adjustment system (the rubberised roller-dial can be used one-handed) it was hassle-free to get it to fit well. If you’ve not worn an enduro style helmet before then it’s worth trying a few on, as the fit and feel is slightly different from the traditional XC or trail helmets, and it’s always good to try on a few models to ensure you are buying the right style and size for your head.


A really good all-mountain helmet for the ladies, providing extra coverage and sturdy protection for arguably your most important component! Good venting means you won’t resent wearing it on even the warmest of days. Being part of the Women’s Series Collection from Giro it comes in some subtle, yet more female-attractive colourways too. Ultimately, it is Feather by name and feather by nature – super light, easy to wear and looks good!

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This review was in Issue 30 of IMB.

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By Mary Booth
Mary Booth has been a keen mountain biker for decades; she grew up on the Purbecks in the South West of England and has spent thousands of hours on the trails in that area. She moved to the South East to work in the IMB office and regularly gets out to the Alps and the Surrey Hills where she loves to ride the more technical trails…

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