Elliot Heap

Elliot Heap

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Elliot Heap posted a video
2 days ago

Stoked to take the win this weekend and meet a lot of new young riders @gravityeventsuk thanks for a fantastic weekend! Big well done to @danielcope17 taking the win in the your cat! Thanks to the pitstop woman @ihatecharleahilton for being very supportive throughout this downhill experience @teamchainreactioncycles @chainreactioncycles @mavic_mtb @nukeproofbikes @srammtb @rockshox @michelinbicycle @mucoff @100percent_bike @mrpbike @clifbar @themudhugger @7protection @fiveten_official @invisiframe @ridemtbcoaching @svtechltd @bowenpies @central_bodyshop
#riderepeat #feedyouradventure #poweredbypies 📸 @jmwhittle_mtb

Elliot Heap posted a photo
3 days ago

No pictures from practise today so here's one with my pit crew for the weekend. Got @ihatecharleahilton looking after me. It's good to be back at a uk DH race!!

Elliot Heap posted a photo
6 days ago

Looking forward to racing the @gravityeventsuk Downhill race this weekend at Berwyn drop them guys a message quick to get your entry track will be prime 👌 @teamchainreactioncycles @chainreactioncycles @mavic_mtb @nukeproofbikes @srammtb @rockshox @michelinbicycle @mucoff @100percent_bike @mrpbike @clifbar @themudhugger @7protection @fiveten_official @invisiframe @ridemtbcoaching @svtechltd @bowenpies @central_bodyshop
#riderepeat #feedyouradventure #poweredbypies 📸 @kikeabelleira

Elliot Heap posted a photo
1 week ago

19th today stoked to get a bit further up there cheers to the @teamchainreactioncycles boys for all the help @teamchainreactioncycles @chainreactioncycles @mavic_mtb @nukeproofbikes @srammtb @rockshox @michelinbicycle @mucoff @100percent_bike @mrpbike @clifbar @themudhugger @7protection @fiveten_official @invisiframe @ridemtbcoaching @svtechltd @bowenpies @central_bodyshop
#riderepeat #feedyouradventure #poweredbypies 📸 @kikeabelleira

Elliott Heap is in Machico, Madeira.
Elliott Heap is in Machico, Madeira.
2 weeks ago

Having a belting time here in Madeira can't wait for the race tomorrow 🤠@teamchainreactioncycles @chainreactioncycles @mavic_mtb @nukeproofbikes @srammtb @rockshox @michelinbicycle @mucoff @100percent_bike @mrpbike @clifbar @themudhugger @7protection @fiveten_official @invisiframe @ridemtbcoaching @svtechltd @bowenpies @central_bodyshop
#riderepeat #feedyouradventure #poweredbypies 📸 @kikeabelleira @ Machico, Madeira

Elliott Heap is in Machico, Madeira.
Elliott Heap is in Machico, Madeira.
2 weeks ago

Day 2 praccy coming at you @teamchainreactioncycles @chainreactioncycles @mavic_mtb @nukeproofbikes @srammtb @rockshox @michelinbicycle @mucoff @100percent_bike @mrpbike @clifbar @themudhugger @7protection @fiveten_official @invisiframe @ridemtbcoaching @svtechltd @bowenpies @central_bodyshop
#riderepeat #feedyouradventure #poweredbypies 📸 @kikeabelleira @ Machico, Madeira

Elliot Heap posted a video
2 weeks ago

Stage one is a good en @teamchainreactioncycles @chainreactioncycles @mavic_mtb @nukeproofbikes @srammtb @rockshox @michelinbicycle @mucoff @100percent_bike @mrpbike @clifbar @themudhugger @7protection @fiveten_official @invisiframe @ridemtbcoaching @svtechltd @bowenpies @central_bodyshop
#riderepeat #feedyouradventure #poweredbypies

Elliot Heap posted a photo
2 weeks ago

All fun and games till @kelangrant gets you lost 🙄 @teamchainreactioncycles @chainreactioncycles @mavic_mtb @nukeproofbikes @srammtb @rockshox @michelinbicycle @mucoff @100percent_bike @mrpbike @clifbar @themudhugger @7protection @fiveten_official @invisiframe @ridemtbcoaching @svtechltd @bowenpies @central_bodyshop
#riderepeat #feedyouradventure #poweredbypies 📸 @pager7211

Elliot Heap posted a video
3 weeks ago

Here's a snippet of @pager7211 talking you through this years race bikes. Full link in bio https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7xO0KvoOjA @teamchainreactioncycles @chainreactioncycles @mavic_mtb @nukeproofbikes @srammtb @rockshox @michelinbicycle @mucoff @100percent_bike @mrpbike @clifbar @themudhugger @7protection @fiveten_official @invisiframe @svtechltd @bowenpies @central_bodyshop
#riderepeat #feedyouradventure #poweredbypies

Elliot Heap posted a photo
4 weeks ago

Todays lovely vessels who loves the @nukeproofbikes blue and red machine? Big thanks to @svtechltd for big silver @teamchainreactioncycles @chainreactioncycles @mavic_mtb @nukeproofbikes @srammtb @rockshox @michelinbicycle @mucoff @100percent_bike @mrpbike @clifbar @themudhugger @7protection @fiveten_official @invisiframe @svtechltd @bowenpies @central_bodyshop
#riderepeat #feedyouradventure #poweredbypies

21 year old mountain bike racer riding for Team chain Reaction Cycles / Mavic, competing in the World Enduro Series.

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