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Ryders Eyewear added 6 new photos.
Ryders Eyewear added 6 new photos.
5 months ago

Logan Binggeli takes his e bike for a rip. Safe to say this thing can handle some rough terrain. And so can his dog!
photos: Lance Sterling @sir_laance

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6 months ago

Looking forward to seeing this new film from Anthill Films - pumped to see Reed in the mix with Thomas Vanderham and the other heavy hitters! 👊🏼

Ryders Eyewear posted a video
6 months ago

Reed is all about having fun on his bike. And he’s really good at it. HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY! 👊🏼

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6 months ago

Start the year off on the right foot. 2019 is your year.

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6 months ago

Warmest wishes this holiday season from the entire @ryderseyewear team 🎄❄️

Ryders Eyewear posted a video
6 months ago

JustDustin vs. Line-X car. Good things he’s got solid eye protection... 😎


Ryders Eyewear posted a video
6 months ago

Dylan Forbes and Justin Roy shred the North Shore in this edit from Rocky Mountain Bicycles. Always a treat watching these two ride.


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6 months ago

Help James get the 'Cyclist of the Year' award - He's earned it!

Ryders Eyewear posted a video
6 months ago

360° View of Eliott Lapotre's recent edit. What a rad looking trail!

Ryders Eyewear posted a photo
6 months ago

Check out our Holiday Guide. Some new shades make the perfect stocking stuffer. 😎

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Celebrating over 25 years of dirt, rock & snow, Ryders has deep roots in the world of performance eyewear. We inject each pair with performance qualities, whether they're meant for mountain biking or lounging at the beach.
Help you see your adventure more clearly.
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Mountain Bike Reviews - Ryders Eyewear Seventh Glasses 2016
Mountain Bike Reviews - Ryders Eyewear Seventh Glasses 2016
Ryders Eyewear Seventh Glasses

Who hasn’t had a clump of mud, excessive rain or large flying insects smash into their eyes while riding? Always seemingly at the most crucial point on the fastest part of the trail, headed for a tree, cliff edge or the rear end of your suddenly hard-breaking riding buddy. No one needs that, but short of going full enduro with…

2 weeks ago

BC Bike Race (BCBR) is proud to announce the official 2019 route and details (July 5-12, 2019). Each annual course brings fresh challenges to all…

5 months ago | 13:50

BC Bike Race () began as a vision from two passionate mountain bikers who wanted to share British Columbia's mountain biking culture with the world. What…

9 months ago | 4:31

Check out the Red Bull Rampage recovery story from this insane sender! In a cruel twist of fate, a mega OTB leading up to the…

9 months ago | 3:4

Click here to see the KHS guys sending it! After a considerable amount of preparation, it's time to get between the tapes. The overall result…

9 months ago | 2:30

Take a look at the KHS team, currently in pre-race mode! They've been getting everything dialled, so that they're more than ready when it's time…

11 months ago

How did the riders fare on the gnarly North Shore? Thursday was the 6th day of consecutive racing for the BC Bike Race. Although only…

12 months ago

Yesterday saw the 5th stage of the BC Bike Race, with a glorious 9km stretch of singletrack to end a tough day of riding. Hannah…

1 year ago | 5:13

Gerry Creighton tragically lost his wife to cancer after a 19-year battle with the disease. This is the incredibly emotional and inspirational story of how…

2 years ago | 2:0

Getting tattoos to match your bike and kit's colour scheme is level 11 stuff! Spice up your Saturday with this mountain bike peach from Jordan…

2 years ago

Rocky Mountain Bicycles is excited to announce that Wade Simmons, Thomas Vanderham, and Geoff Gulevich are on board for 2017. They join the returning Carson…

4 years ago | 2:5

As if to rub it in for those of us stuck in the snow or rain, Paul Basagoitia gets dusty as he sends it big…

6 years ago

Day Four Presented by Ryders Eyewear of the BC Bike Race has rounded it's corner while continuing to soften the hard edges of the riders.…

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