Ground Control is guaranteed to flow. It brilliantly climbs uphill and lets you surf down the single trails into the valley. This bike offers you the agility and balance that you’ve been looking for in a touring bike. The frame of the Ground Control weighs about 2790 grams and boasts 120 mm travel at the rear. Paired with 29” wheels, this combination promises outstanding rolling characteristics, smooth running, and safety while off-roading. A unique novelty is the size split which also gives growing and smaller persons, starting at the height of 1.5 meters, plenty of bike fun. The size S comes with 27.5” wheels, while sizes M or larger come with the 29” wheels. The suspension has been tightly and efficiently tuned so that the rider gets an optimal response from the terrain in every situation and can move the bike in a controlled and efficient manner on the trail. The “Inline Suspension Design” gives the bike a clean look.

Wed 29th Apr, 2020 @ 3:30 am

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