Do your friends ask if you intend to ride the chairlift when you invite them out for a ‘few’ park laps? Do your top routes frequently involve pushing up and down trails that aren’t on any map? Do your favourite rides begin or end with headlamps, an ice chest and great friends? Does your bike have to do everything well to get you there and back again? If you think you might be this rider, then Occam should be your bike.

Or maybe you prefer local trails and jumps? Visits to the bike park? Big mountain days with the focus on enjoying the descents? Lighter enduro races? If you are that rider then Occam LT is that bike.

In 2020 Orbea launched the Occam with fantastic success, winning many awards. The feedback from the media and users is that people love the versatility of the Occam, that is to say the balance between its pedalling efficiency and light weight combined with its modern geometry and suspension performance. People also love its aesthetics with the asymmetric design and the MyO program Orbea offers.

What we are seeing is a wide range of different Occam users. On one hand we see all round users and adventure riders who want the Occam for epic rides and value the climbing efficiency and light weight combined with the confidence the geometry and suspension offers for the descents. On the other hand we see other users who value the descending ability of the Occam above all and are using the bike in a much more aggressive way and value the nimble, fun descending characteristics of the bike. For these reasons Orbea is going to offer two versions of the Occam, the standard Occam and the Occam LT, both in OMR Carbon or Aluminium frame options.

First of all, Orbea is going to offer a new two-part linkage design for both the Occam and the Occam LT. Fewer pieces mean fewer interfaces and lower chance of something working loose. Additionally, a space in the axel was created and filled with a handy 4 key multi-tool which is held securely in place with magnets. Always have the most-used tools close at hand for quick tweaks.

The Occam stays with the geometry and suspension which riders and testers love, with 140mm travel front and rear supplied by a Float DPS shock and 34 Fork.

Occam LT is the wilder side of Occam thanks to more aggressive geometry, Fox 36 forks, and 10mm more travel. Occam LT is hugely capable but also more versatile than a full on enduro bike with efficient pedalling for all day rides. Of course Occam LT comes dressed for the party with coil shock options, 4 piston brakes, bigger rotors and more aggressive tyres.

Modern trail bikes are used for an impressive variety of rides. Some riders use them to climb thousands of meters on huge rides, others weave in and out of bike parks and jumps during their daily adventures. Occam is available with a 150mm Fox 36 and a Float X or DHX coil shock so you can ride the way you like.

The sturdy Fox 36 fork slackens the Occam LT’s head angle by 0.5º, giving it an even more self assured stance.

Orbea is familiar with the draw of self-expression and a desire to create. For years their MyO program has allowed riders to personalise their Orbeas to an extent that is unique in the industry. With any Occam C model from the M10 upwards you can customise the paint for free.

For the Occam M30 and all the Occam H models, Orbea offers MyO component options. Switching a wheel set, gearing or other components is possible through the ordering process, so your Occam arrives at the dealer in the exact configuration you desire.

All Occam models offer the option to change to the longer travel fork and shock, meaning you can choose an Occam LT in any model you want.

Thu 16th Sep, 2021 @ 9:30 pm

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