While you may not know Jeff or have ever ridden his local trails, you can’t really argue that he has a rad attitude to trail advocacy.  More of the same and the world would be a better place.



Mountain biking is amazing, and part of why I love it is that it has always, to me, been a fringe sport. As an aging BMXer I’ll always identify with the grass roots beginnings of MTBing. However, in several amazing places in this world, the sport is more than just some weird thing that outcasts do by themselves in the woods. Bellingham is a great example of what can happen when MTBing becomes more mainstream- more trails, more places to ride, more opportunities for everyone who loves bikes! It’s a total win.

As I continue to grow my channel, and my presence as a rider, I want to simultaneously do what I can to grow the sport. And I see local mountain bike advocacy groups as a key avenue to growing the sport for all. To begin this goal, I’ll put some skin in the game, and will be donating a significant chunk of the proceeds from the sale of one of my bikes.

Support the WMBC here: https://wmbcmtb.org/donate-to-the-wmbc/


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Sun 20th May, 2018 @ 3:30 pm

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