Fox Head Sergeant Shorts  2012 Mountain Bike Review

Fox Head Sergeant Shorts 2012

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The Sergeant shorts are so good looking you could easily get away with keeping them on once your ride is over, and who could blame you! Made of fast drying, breathable fabric the fit and cut is absolutely perfect, coming in just below the knee, and more importantly staying there. There are two deep hand pockets with zip seals, as well as a further four pockets on the legs and rear of the shorts, all of which can be velcro’d down to keep your valuables safe. While there are no stretch panels, the whole shorts themselves have got a lot of give so there’s no restriction whatsoever when out on the trails. The included padded liner was also spot on, making even all day slogs out on the bike comfortable.

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If you want a pair of shorts that you can wear in the pub at the end of your ride then these are the ones for you. Just try not to cry too much if you get a bit of mud on them.

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This review was in Issue 17 of IMB.

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By George Woodward

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