To drop or not to drop? Jeff Kendall-Weed talks through the benefits of having full saddle-height adjustability at our fingertips (literally)!!

Modern mountain bikes are amazing- but if you’re not using a dropper seatpost, it’s impossible to get full performance out of your bike!

Modern bikes are built with steep seat angles, and rather slack head angles. This positioning rewards a riding style that is active, and often out of the saddle. However, the rider will need to get very low and far back on the bike for good cornering with that head angle. In addition, the steep seat angle places the saddle right where the rider will need to be in order to jump the bike- and this can get dangerous fast! Enter the dropper post, which makes this new school geometry something to love!

Check out the PNW Components Bachelor 150 at Jenson USA:

I’ve been using the PNW Bachelor 150 and 170 for the past 6 months and I have LOVED these posts! I’ve primarily been using the 170 model, as my Ibis Ripmo has a very short seat tube to allow for the longer drop post. I haven’t experienced ANY problems with the posts and I expect them to last much longer before they need any sort of rebuild.

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Jeff KW rides an Ibis Ripmo bike:
Jeff KW wears a Camelbak Kudo:
Jeff KW wears the Kitsbow Trials Jacket, Ride Tee, and Origin short:
Jeff KW is protected by the Kali Maya helmet:
Jeff KW runs the PNW Components Bachelor 170 post:

Fri 3rd Aug, 2018 @ 1:30 am

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