Could Jeff Kendall-Weed possibly be the happiest man on the planet?! Watch him go retro with his Mojo as he gets the chance to bring his dream childhood bike to life!

SCORE! I’ve always wanted to ride a titanium bike, and I’ve always wanted to build a vintage Ibis. So it’s no surprise that when I saw a 1995 Ibis Mojo Ti (Titanium) for sale on my local Craigslist, I went ahead and swooped up that fine piece of knobby history!

Once I finished explaining to my family WHY I would ever spend so much money on a 28 year old bike, I headed south to Seattle and met Eric, the seller. He also had a rad set of 1996 Marzocchi Z2 forks, which at 80mm of travel, give the bike a slightly raked out feel. I’ll take anything that will help ease the transition from a modern bike!

Sure enough, my 1999 Chris King headset is still working as it should- talk about a killer product! These are still available from Jenson USA! Check that link here:

Paul Components (check out their products here: helped me out big time, and supplied me with some killer brakes (Touring canti:; Neo-Retro:, a set of skewers:, and a proper 90mm stem: Thanks Paul!

Now for the tires- oh man, here’s a tough bit of the build! I have my eyes firmly locked on the tried and true WTB Vigilante front tire ( I tried a WTB Wolverine 26 x 2.2 (link here: in the rear, and it was a bit too wide. What tire am I going to go with? Stay tuned to find out! CAN’T WAIT TO GET THIS BIKE ON THE TRAIL!

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Jeff KW rides an Ibis Mojo 3:
Jeff KW wears a Camelbak Kudo:
Jeff KW wears the Kitsbow Trials Jacket, Ride Tee, and Origin short:
Jeff KW is protected by the Kali Maya helmet:
Jeff KW runs the PNW Components Bachelor 170 post:

Music by:
Birocratic: Leftovers 2; La Única
Birocratic: Birocratic x Julien Solomita; Big Smoke
Birocratic: Birocratic x Julien Solomita; Ticky Tacky

Sat 8th Sep, 2018 @ 12:30 am

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